Idt Charta

Honouring the Interdependence Between All Things

The idt. is for everyone who practices economies with care, and who understands that our survival and wellbeing depends upon each other and on the planet.

idt. is for those who want to cultivate diverse norms and new practices based on an ethic of interconnection. It is for anyone and everyone who knows we are in it together.

The idt. is a flag, a badge, to highlight economic practices that honour interconnection, collectivity, fairness, and reciprocity.

By using it, we show that we are many, and that we are everywhere.

The Interdependence and the idt. Charter have developed out of the Community Economies Institute and the Community Economies Research Network. Since June 2019, a group of people have worked on the practicalities of idt. as a way of building on a collective desire and need to address ‘the issue of scale’ within our work.