Liviana: CERN Online Conference

CERN Liviana Conference

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1 to 12 November 2021


The 2021 CERN LIVIANA CONFERENCE is a decentralised series of exchanges and symposia that runs for two weeks, providing an opportunity for CERN members to connect and share. The event is based on the sense of openness, free-floating train of thought, and cheerful spirit that the Spanish term liviana connotes.

The Conference includes two keynotes presented by Maliha Safri and Kevin St Martin.

Other sessions include:

  • Community Economies, Protest and Direct Action (convened by Kerry Woodward)
  • Economías Diversas y Comunitarias desde los Territorios de América Latina y contra toda forma de opresión: Un marco interpretativo emergente desde CERN-LA (convened by Daniel Carrasco, Alison Guzman and Ignacio Krell)
  • Grassroots Models of Learning for Community Economies (convened by Ann Hill, Christoph Neusiedl and Pryor Placino)
  • Djanbung Gardens: A Permaculture Story (convened by Katherine Gibson and based on a short documentary).

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash