Community Economies

Rhyall Gordon

Contact Details:

Rhyall Gordon,

PhD candidate,Centre for Urban and Regional Studies,The University of Newcastle, Australia



PhD (in progress) Human Geography (The University of Newcastle, Australia)

MSc Development Management (The Open University, England)

BA(Hons) Social Anthropology (Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Research Areas:

Food sovereignty movement, food sovereignty collectives in Asturias (Spain), alternative food networks

Radical Democracy, micro-politics of hegemony, 

Non-foundational ethics, ethical economies, processual ethics

Community economies, ethical coordinates


Cooperative governance: One pathway to a stable-state economy

Rhyall Gordon

In a context of climate change, this paper uses J.K. Gibson-Graham’s concept of a community economy to develop new economic possibilities outside of the growth model. We argue that cooperatives offer a significant transformative opportunity to resocialise and repoliticise economies away from the economic growth imperative

Phelan, L.; McGee, J. and Gordon, R. (2012), Cooperative governance: One pathway to a stable-state economy, Environmental Politics, 21 (3), 412-431