Procesos de subjetivación y aprendizaje cooperativo

Burin David; Heras Ana Inés; Rodrigo Tejerina; Diego Navarro; Ayelén Straini; Fabián Morelli; Andrea Blanco y Milena Caputa

The processes of subjectivation within a cooperative of workers in the City of Rosario, Argentina, are analyzed and interpreted in relation to literature in the fields of philosophy, economic geography, ethnographies and sociolinguistics. This text has been written by a team of 8 people (two collaborative researchers and six workers researchers). 

Suggested citation

Burin, D. ., Heras, A. I., Tejerina, R., Navarro, D. , Straini, A., Morelli, F., Blanco, A., & Caputa, M. (2022). Procesos de subjetivación y aprendizajes cooperativos. El caso de PRONOAR, Rosario, Argentina como una intervención post-estructural. Sociedad Hoy, (29), 61-89. Recuperado a partir de CLICK HERE