Putting Solidarity Economy on the Map

Maliha Safri
Craig Borowiak,
Stephen Healy,
Marianna Pavlovskaya

Over the past 20 years, the term “solidarity economy” (SE) has come to refer to economic activities that seek to promote overall quality of life within a community, as opposed to prioritizing private profit maximization in a competitive market. The organizations and enterprises comprising the solidarity economy tend to be collectively and democratically run for the benefit of their members. The activities associated with the solidarity economy do not preclude turning a profit (or generating surplus), nor do they necessarily require disengaging entirely from market exchange. But they usually exhibit a substantial alignment with ethical principles of social equity and solidarity, environmental sustainability, and pluralist democracy. Put most simply, there is something we could characterize as non-capitalist about these organizations >

Suggested citation

Safri, M., Healy, S., Borowiak, C., & Pavlovskaya, M. (2017). Putting the solidarity economy on the map. Journal of Design Strategies9, 71-83.