Vivir, educar y luchar en el campo. Acciones y coaliciones de pobladores rurales

Amalia Miano, Joaquín Rotman, Ana Inés Heras
Revista Temas Sociológicos. Portada.

We analyze actions carried out by rural inhabitants in the Provinces of Chaco and Buenos Aires, Argentina, carried out to counteract the effects of the agro-industrial model. The actions we analyze may seem minor or even go unnoticed, yet they are the way in which these populations counteract hegemonic politics of death. Through analyzing what we term "semantic chains" we are able to show that the people with whom we work act, perceive and signify their relation to land, work, and life in contextually situated ways by which they defend their right to live as they choose. In order to carry out these actions, several groups cooperate, and build coalitions, even though these coalitions are not perceived as stable political structures of participation, nor are they spoken in those terms. However, due to the fact that these actions and coalitions allow them to make and take decisions, and find a way to carry out their lives as they choose, we interpret them as political in nature. Our theoretical framework is interdisciplinary and our methodology is built on a combination of ethnography, sociolinguistics and semantics. 

Suggested citation

Miano, A., Rotman, J. y Heras, A. I. 2020." Vivir, educar y luchar en el campo. Acciones y coaliciones de pobladores rurales". Temas Sociológicos, 27, 373-409.