Contextualizing Care: Relational Engagement with/in Human Service Practices

Janet Newbury
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By widening our gaze to include the discursive, political, economic, and other dimensions of lived experience, human service practitioners and policy makers can engage in practices that prioritize the well-being of all community members, recognizing social justice as central to this development. Drawing from existing empirical research as well as personal narratives by community members and policy makers, this book argues that by blurring the lines between self and other, contextualizing practices, understanding change as ontological, reconceptualizing power, and recognizing justice as an ongoing and shared responsibility, we might collectively access and mobilize fruitful possibilities that are often obscured.

Suggested citation

Newbury, J. 2013. Contextualizing care: Relational engagement with/in human service practices. Chagrin Falls, OH: Taos Institute/WorldShare Books, Inc.