Cooperation and Commoning to Secure Other Futures

Stephen Healy

In preparing for the talk associated with this paper I was invited to consider two things—the future of the arts in the era of austerity and restructuring and what the arts community might learn from the environmental movement. My thoughts on how to respond to this positioning is directed by my involvement with the Community Economies Collective (CEC) an international group of activist-scholars interested in enacting post-capitalist economies.  And it is in this context that the concept of the Big Society provides us with an interesting point of departure.




Suggested citation

Healy, S. “Cooperation and Commoning to Secure Other Futures.”  In J. Hendrick Brügermer and H. Davies. Resructure: On Alternative Modes of Culture and Knowledge Production in Times of Shrinking Public Support. Melbourne: Unlikely Publishing ISBN: 978-0-9871189-8-1 (E-Book): 7-27.