Framing Essay: The Diversity of Enterprise

Jenny Cameron

This chapter overviews the diverse economies framing of the enterprise, a framing that is founded on two distinguishing features. First there is the understanding of class as a process of producing, appropriating and distributing surplus labour; and second there is the use of a ‘weak theory’ perspective. What results is the recognition of enterprise diversity such that the economic landscape is populated with a range of non-capitalist, capitalist and more-than-capitalist enterprises. In this diversity there are enterprises that are producing, appropriating and distributing surplus labour in ways that take into the wellbeing of people and the planet. These ethical commitments can be widened and deepened through political action that targets class dynamics within the enterprise and the broader factors that provide the conditions of existence for enterprise operations. The diverse economies framing thus helps to position enterprises as having a crucial role in building a more equitable and environmentally sustainable future.

Suggested citation

Cameron, J., 2020. ‘Framing Essay: The Diversity of Enterprise’, in J.K. Gibson-Graham and K. Dombroski (eds), The Handbook of Diverse Economies. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, Chapter 2.