Encyclopedia and Handbook Entries

Here you'll find links to encyclopedia and handbook entries about diverse and community economies that can be used for teaching. Scroll down to find links to other relevant encyclopedias and handbooks. If the links take you to a pre-publication version, please contact the authors for information on the published versions.


Tuomo Alhojärvi et al., 2023 (forthcoming), Postcapitalism (in Elgar Encyclopedia of Development). 

Stephen Healy, Ana Inés Heras and Peter North, 2023 (forthcoming), Community Economics and the Social and Solidarity Economy (in Encyclopedia of the Social and Solidarity Economy, click here for more information).

Jenny Cameron & J.K. Gibson, 2022, The Diverse Economies Approach (in Handbook of Alternative Theories of Political Economy).

Jenny Cameron & Isaac Lyne, 2022, Community Economies (in Routledge Handbook of Global Development).

Jenny Cameron, 2022, Post-capitalism now: A community economies approach (in Post-Capitalist Futures)

Elizabeth S. Barron, 2020, Emplacing Sustainability in a Post-Capitalist World (in Cambridge Handbook of Environmental Sociology).

J.K. Gibson-Graham & Kelly Dombroski (eds), 2020, The Handbook of Diverse Economies. This Handbook comprises 58 entries on community and diverse economies research and practice.

Stephen Healy, 2020, Alternative Economies (in International Encyclopedia of Human Geography).

Morrow et al., 2019, Community Economy (In Keywords in Radical Geography: Antipode at 50).

Kelly Dombroski, Stephen Healy & Katharine McKinnon, 2018, Care-full Community Economies (in Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care). 

J.K. Gibson-Graham et al., 2018, Cultivating Community Economies (in Next System Project). 

Katharine McKinnon, Kelly Dombroski & Oona Morrow, 2018, The Diverse Economy: Feminism, capitalocentrism and postcapitalist futures (in Handbook on the International Political Economy of Gender).

J.K. Gibson-Graham, 2017, Poststructural Interventions (in A Companion to Economic Geography)



Ilcheong Yi et al. (Eds), 2023 (forthcoming), Encyclopedia of the Social and Solidarity Economy, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd in partnership with United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force (UNTFSSE) (Click here for more information).

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