CERN-Asia meets every 3 to 4 months for a one hour Zoom seminar. These seminars are advertised widely on the main CERN Listserv.

2023 Seminars

Kelly Silva, Lisa Palmer and Teresa Cunha, 'Economic Diversity in Contemporary Timor-Leste.' 12 October 2023. Click here for more information, including registration. 

Economic Diversity in Contemporary Timor-Leste


Isaac Lyne, Aluisus Hery Pratono and Marie Lisa Dacanay. ‘Social Enterprises in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities.’ 16 March 2023. Click here for a video of the seminar.

CERN Asia Seminar, 16 March 2023


2022 Seminars

Anne Shangrila Fuentes. ‘Living with risk: exploring how farmers in conflict-vulnerable areas of Mindanao, Philippines experience and navigate precarity,’ 20 October 2022. Click here for video of the seminar.

Justin See, Ginbert Cuaton, Pryor Placino, Suliasi Vunibola, Huong Thi Do, Kelly Dombroski and Katharine McKinnon. ‘From Absences to Emergences: Foregrounding Traditional and Indigenous Climate Change Adaptation Knowledges and Practices from Fiji, Vietnam and the Philippines.’ 26 May 2022. Click here for video of the seminar.

Freda Ng and Edward Chan. ‘Applying cultural lenses in community work in southwest rural China,’ 11 February 2022.

2021 Seminars

Christoph Neusiedl. ‘Rethinking Development by Reimagining Education – The Self-Designed Learning Movement in India.’ 30 September 2021. Click here for video of the seminar.

Pryor Placino, Bhavya Chitranshi and Anne Shangrila Fuentes. ‘Online field engagement during COVID-19: learning from The Philippines and India.’ 12 May 2021 Click here for video of the seminar.