Brave New Alps idt.

Brave New Alps combine participatory research methods with radical pedagogy, feral approaches to community economies and lots of DIY making and organising. They create spaces for making, learning and exchanging and work on a 40-year research project that focuses on supporting and creating community economies and commons in the Italian Alps. Currently, they are in the process of co-creating a community academy and establishing an alpine community economies lab at the train station of Rovereto (IT).


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Fabio Franz

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Brave New Alps community meeting

Please include a list of actors (name/weblink) with whom you actively and ethically negotiate your interdependence

Comunità Frizzante

La Foresta – academia di comunità

SOS Rosarno

Our garden and its ecology of plants and animals

The municipality of Rovereto, Office for Social Affairs

Our parents

The members of our association

The people who come to work with us as interns

Our son



In what way does your work fit with the concept of interdependence?

We think that for an eco-social transformation to occur, we must team up with lots of others around us and undo competition and individualization. We are especially interested in how to invite others into the creation of commons and in how we can create ethical links with the more-than-human others that inhabit the same spaces as us.