Connecting cultural innovators through Study-into-Action


Throughout September and into October, cultural innovators are invited to participate in five Study-into-Action sessions.

The aim is to connect cultural workers who do not know one another but are building innovative cultural economies.

One of the project co-founders, Caroline Woolard, says “We need to socialize, study, and dream together before we can take collective action, and this first phase of connecting will be followed by a second phase in which we deepen the relationships, explore together the ways that our ideas, desires, and goals might align, and think about the actions that we might take collectively."

“We are looking forward to connecting cultural workers from a range of areas, including cultural creators, popular arts educators, cultural organizers, arts academics, economists, and grantmakers.”

Below is the schedule of study-in-action sessions (all free and all on a Friday from 12pm to 1pm, Eastern Daylight Time).



Twitter: @_artcoop

This initiative builds on the report, Solidarity Not Charity: Arts and Culture Grantmaking in the Solidarity Economy, by Nati Linares and Community Economies Research Network (CERN) member Caroline Woolard (which has previously featured in Community Economies news).


Friday, September 3rd from 12-1 p.m. EDT

“The Way it Works”: Abuse, Alienation, and Our Current Condition as Arts & Culture Workers

Public Talk & Experience: Clara Takarabe



Friday, September 10th from 12-1 p.m. EDT

Artists Resist & Build: a history of organizing in the arts with a focus on Solidarity Economy alternatives & artist-led resistance

Public Talk & Experience: Francisco Pérez of the Center for Popular Economics



Friday, September 17th from 12-1 p.m. EDT

Law and the Land Craft: permanent real estate cooperatives and the arts

Public Talk & Experience: Gregory Jackson and Janelle Orsi of the Sustainable Economies Law Center



Friday, September 24th from 12-1 p.m. EDT

Solidarity Grantmaking and Investing: #landback and case studies to support grantmakers in deepening their commitment to systems-change.

Public Talk & Experience: Double Edge Theater and Dana Kawaoka-Chen of Justice Funders



Friday, October 1st from 12-1 p.m. EDT

Making / Meaning: a live DJ set / jam session / zine making workshop

Public Talk & Experience: Cierra Peters and James Vamboi of Boston Ujima Project




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Jenny Cameron