Cooling the Commons pattern deck

Abby Mellick Lopes
Helen Armstrong
Stephen Healy
Emma Power
Katherine Gibson
Louise Crabtree-Hayes
Cameron Tonkinwise
Cooling the Commons logo

The Cooling the Commons pattern deck is a website comprising 41 illustrated patterns of ‘cool commons’. Cool commons are publicly accessible cool urban environments that offer an alternative to airconditioned private spaces in cities where heat is compromising liveability. The website is designed as an open resource to facilitate design decisions that defend, protect, and enhance the presence of cool commons. The pattern deck builds upon the research report Cooling Common Spaces in Densifying Urban Environments which explored cool commons of relevance to Landcom’s urban renewal sites and included 5 prototype patterns. The Cooling the Commons pattern deck expands upon that study to offer 5 revised and 36 new patterns for cool commons. As a work of commons-based design it offers an alternative to and makes an intervention into the technical approach to design that dominates urban heat adaptation via for example air-conditioning, green infrastructure and ‘cool roads’. Funded by both UTS and Western Sydney University, the deck demonstrates the importance of collegial, collaboratively partnered research. 

Suggested citation

Mellick Lopes, A., Armstrong, H., Healy, S., Power, E., Gibson, K., Crabtree-Hayes, L. Tonkinwise, C. 2021. Cooling the Commons Pattern Deck. Sydney: Western Sydney University/ University of Technology, Sydney (website).