Sensing urban manufacturing: from conspicuous to sensible production

Ottavia Cima
Ewa Wasilewska

This paper explores the multisensory dimension of urban manufacturing to interrogate the spatial possibilities for production in a small town in Switzerland. Together with a group of graduate students, we apply sensory methods to explore how production shapes urban sensescapes and how these sensescapes affect our relation to production. Our study sparks critical questions about mixed-use zoning and tentatively advances the concept of sensible production: a production that not only is perceptible and can actively be engaged with, but that also shows good sense, makes sense, and focuses on what we need. 

Suggested citation

Cima, O., & Wasilewska, E. 2023. Sensing Urban Manufacturing: From Conspicuous to Sensible Production. Urban Planning, 8(4): 198-210