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Cube Cola (Standing on the Hands of Giants) is an open source soft drink, hand-manufactured at the Cube Cinema in Bristol UK by the unincorporated partnership of Kayle Brandon and Kate Rich. The recipe was reverse-engineered from that of a stickily secretive, market-dominating drink, a world-scale project made possible with the help of a broad church of copyright activists, cake-makers, radical historians, colour scientists and soft drink enthusiasts. Cube Cola is served at the Cube Cinema bar and distributed around the globe in concentrate form. The recipe is shared openly under the GNU GPL, a free copyleft license for software and other kinds of works.


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Kayle Brandon and Kate Rich

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Cube Cinema Ltd

Company Drinks & BAD cola

Comunità Frizzante & Ciacola

Lovely Drinks


The GNU GPL open software licence

Gum Arabic




In what way does your work fit with the concept of interdependence?

We could not have come this far had we not stood on the hands of giants. We are also indebted to gum arabic, a freeze-dried product derived from the Senegalese acacia tree. At its essence, cola is a mixture of flavour oils and water. The oils are hydrophobic (they do not mix with water) but the gum arabic sits at the interface between them. In effect, the gum holds hands with the oil on one side and with water on the other, enabling these two indifferent substances to mix. We consider this act of radical and opportunistic cooperation as foundational to the Cube Cola business.