How it works

Are you Interdependent?

We ask the following questions through our work. If you find yourselves asking them too, maybe you should join us.

  • SURVIVAL. What do we really need to survive well? How do we balance our own survival needs and well-being with the well-being of others and the planet?
  • SURPLUS. What’s left after our survival needs have been met? How do we distribute this surplus to enrich social and environmental health?
  • TRANSACTIONS. What is the range of ways we secure things we cannot produce ourselves? How do we conduct ethical encounters with human and non-human others in these transactions?
  • CONSUMPTION. What do we really need to consume? How do we consume sustainably and justly?
  • COMMONS. What do we share with human and non-human others? How do we maintain, replenish, and grow this natural and cultural commons?
  • INVESTMENT. What do we do with stored wealth? How do we invest this wealth so that future generations may live well?

How does idt. it work?

The use of the idt. replaces and displaces the Inc. and Ltd. that are associated with corporate norms and the values of competition that go along with them. People and organisations who are part of The Interdependence cultivate economic principles and practices that recognize our universal responsibility of mutual care, and strive to bring that understanding into the practice of everyday life. Being part of The Interdependence means to explore, experiment, share and learn together how to create ethical relations of interdependence.

The use of idt. is also a collective response to the naysayers who respond to our examples of community economies in practice by saying “that’s nice, but is it scalable?” Ubiquity is our scale! We are many! We are together! We are already here! Join us!