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A cursory examination of literature shows that religion and business are historically intertwined, with particular effects on society. Since the business/religion relationship is strongly driven by ethos, this relationship appears as an interesting and relevant issue in the case of social enterprises (hereafter SEs), which are value-driven initiatives. This chapter takes a look at the influence of religion on SEs in East Asia—the most


Social enterprise (or business driven by social objectives) is a prominent focus of development policy. In higher income countries it is a strategy for regional development or regeneration by creating optimal levels of social value from under-utilised resources. In developing countries, social enterprise offers hope for sustainable development by reducing dependency on aid, developing markets and improving economic growth. Social enterprise


Increasing small-scale vegetable production is a key target for growing a more sustainable food system. At first glance, meeting this target seems straightforward. On closer inspection, particularly in contexts experiencing the on-going effects of climate uncertainty and economic uncertainty, it can be hard to achieve. Community education has a vital role to play.

This monograph outlines community education best practice principles

Manifesto for Living in the Anthropocene

This is a translation of Chapter 2 by Gibson Graham and Miller in the book MANIFESTO PARA VIVIR EN EL ANTROPOCENO Katherine Gibson, Deborah Bird Rose, and Ruth Fincher, editors (Manifesto for living in the Anthropocene, in English).



Mountain heath species and Birch tree

*I will be hiring a PhD student for this project soon. Stay tuned!*

The overall project has three components: empirical, theoretical, and applied. Empirically it will focus on documenting, mapping, and understanding different gathering communities throughout Norway, focusing on the gathering of wild species. Theoretically it will examine the role gathering plays in community well-being and social cohesion, its role as a place-making