Here you'll find links to encyclopedia and handbook entries about diverse and community economies that can be used for teaching. Scroll down to find links to other relevant encyclopedias and handbooks. If the links take you to a pre-publication version, please contact the authors for information on the published versions.


Tuomo Alhojärvi et al., 2023 (forthcoming), Postcapitalism (in Elgar Encyclopedia of Development). 

The 2013 book, Take Back the Economy (by J.K. Gibson-Graham, Jenny Cameron and Stephen Healy) has been used in a variety of teaching settings.

The teaching section of the Take Back the Economy website has a bunch of resources based on how the book has been used, including:

This guide provides a step-by-step process for teaching undergraduates about diverse economies and action research.

It is based on two courses taught as part of the Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship (GSSE) program at the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University, Thailand. The first course focuses on in-class instruction and uses a team-based learning approach for the delivery of course contents. The second course takes place in northern Thailand as a 3-week community-based field immersion initiative during which students are housed with local hosts.

This third year undergraduate course teaches the basics of development theory then introduces community economies as a form of postdevelopment theory and practice. The textbook is Take Back the Economy. For more resources for teaching Take Back the Economy, click here.

Kelly Dombroski also has a series of teaching video on her YouTube Channel, click here.

Kelly Dombroski has a series of six videos that can be used in teaching about community economies. They are available on Kelly's YouTube Channel or through the Community Economies Institute YouTube Channel:

In this PREZI we show the differences between community economies and capitalist economies. It was produced by Renato Berrino, David Burin and Ana Inés Heras. The language used is Spanish. Click HERE for viewing Prezi.