Pryor Placino, Katherine Gibson
Published: August 2022

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Kelly Dombroski
Published: April 2018

This review essay engages with Maria Puig de la Bellacasa's book Matters of Care: Speculative ethics in more-than-human worlds. I discuss the style of affirmative critique she uses in her work.

Amanda Huron
Published: January 2017

A review essay of three books that take up the urban commons: Dellenbaugh, Kip, Bieniok et al. (eds.), 2015, Urban Commons: Moving Beyond State and Market; Borch and Kornberger (eds.), 2015, Urban Commons: Rethinking the City; and Ferguson (ed.), 2014 Make_Shift City: Renegotiating the Urban Commons.  

Joanne McNeill
Published: December 2017
Kelly Dombroski
Published: April 2016

This review essay of Miranda Joseph's Debt to Society reflects on its relevance to both Aotearoa New Zealand and community economies thinking.

Ethan Miller
Published: June 2014

A review of The Solidarity Economy Alternative: Emerging Theory and Practice, edited by Vishwas Satgar (Durban: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 2014).

Stephen Healy, Boone Shear
Published: March 2013

A review of the film Warm Bodies (2013), a dark-comedy featuring zombies and romance. We read Warm Bodies as inhabiting today's growing social imaginary and belief that even amidst growing inequalities, austerity and unfolding ecological challenges, another world is truly possible.

Oona Morrow
Published: May 2012

The book review explores how a range of authors engage with the political possibilities and limitations of affect theory.

Boone Shear
Published: October 2012

This is a short review of Renata Salecl's ‘The Tyranny of Choice.’ Salecl shows us that our actions are not driven entirely by the rational mind but are influenced by unconscious desires that are themselves produced by a relationship to the symbolic order. One implication is that we can't simply will ourselves a new world. Stepping out of the political and ethical morass of fighting over which form of capitalism is better or more humane might require more than rational discussions about the vagaries of capitalism, speaking truth to power, or making rational demands on the state.

Karen Werner
Published: March 2009

This review of Peter North's analysis of international alternative currency movements includes a critique from the perspective of community economies theory.

Gerda Roelvink
Published: January 2007

This review article asks, how is it that Markets of Dispossession, are able to contribute both to critical Marxist research documenting and analysing neoliberalism and also to a post-structural performative approaches to market networks?

Karen Werner
Published: January 2007

A book review about J.K. Gibson-Graham's 'A Post-Capitalist Politics' in Critical Sociology.