CE Research Network (CERN)

The Community Economies Research Network (CERN) is an international network of researchers, activists, artists and others who are interested in ways of enacting new visions of economy. In particular, the network is interested in the productivity of understanding diverse economies and building more ethical economic and ecological relationships.

Members of the network are inspired by, or in conversation with, the work of J.K. Gibson-Graham, and others who have applied, developed and extended their work on community economies.

CERN members are located across the globe. There are over 300 members and you can locate them by clicking on this map. Two hints: 1) it's best viewed on a desktop or laptop; 2) zoom in - a lot! (in some places you'll need to go down to the street level to see all the members at that location).

CERN Liviana

Each year, in the first two weeks of November, there is an online conference. Liviana is a decentralised series of exchanges and symposia that provide an opportunity for CERN members to connect and share. The event is based on the sense of openness, free-floating train of thought, and cheerful spirit that the Spanish term liviana connotes.

For more information on CERN Liviana 2021, click here.

For more information on CERN Liviana 2020, click here.

Plan are underway for CERN Liviana 2022.

Process for admitting new members to the CERN

Anyone interested in joining CERN should contact two current CERN members to endorse their membership. In consultation with these members, a short Introductory Statement is to be composed that includes the following information:

  • Name, affiliation and contact details
  • Current community economies related research / activist / teaching activities
  • Why you are interested in the community economies approach (these sentences should include specific information about which aspect/s of the community economies approach you are most interested in, as this helps to build connections between members)
  • If applicable, any contact you have had with CERN members
  • 4-6 keywords that are relevant to your interests
  • If applicable, links to your web page/s.

The endorsers of the proposed member then email info@communityeconomies.org to have the new member added to the CERN listserv (with this email to include the introductory statement). Once on the list, the endorsers send out a Welcome to the listserv with the new member’s Introductory Statement. New members will be given instructions on how to access the membership home page.

To find current CERN members you can search on the map (above); look on the People page (which profiles the CERN members who are also members of the Community Economies Institute); or look through the list of recent publications by members of the network.

CERN communicates via a list-serve that is used to circulate information about relevant conferences and other events; members' research and related activities; links to parallel or complementary research; and links to economic experiments. There are also active regional sub-lists of CERN, in Eastern Australia (CERN-Sydney), in Latin America (CERN-LA) and in Europe (CERN-Europe). CERN-Asia is currently forming. CERN sub-lists are used to circulate notice of regional meetings and events.

CERN Publications Bulletin

Every six months, CERN members are invited to add to a growing compilation of academic publications by CERN members (on topics related to community and diverse economies). You can access the most recent publications bulletin by clicking here. Or you can view the full archive of publication bulletins by clicking here.