Huritanga: 10 Years of Transformational Place-Making

Kelly Dombroski
Hugh Nicholson
Rachael Shiels
Hannah Watkinson
Amanda Yates
Life in Vacant Spaces
Life in Vacant Spaces

This book celebrates a decade of Life in Vacant Spaces, affectionately known as LiVS, and the collection of over 700 projects that LiVS have supported in the ten years since the devastating Canterbury earthquakes of 2010/2011. The projects supported by LiVS have varied in shape, scale, location, aims, outputs, participants and people reached.

This book captures just some of the diverse impacts of the projects supported by LiVS, using qualitative research and a series of questions developed by Community Economies researchers to help capture the diversity of impacts. The book is organised around these questions:

  • How do we survive together well and equitably?
  • How can we consume sustainably?
  • How do we encounter others in ways that support mutual wellbeing?
  • How do we distribute surplus in order to enrich social and environmental health?
  • How do we care for the commons that sustain us all?
  • How do we invest in future generations?

Suggested citation

Dombroski, K., H. Nicholson, R. Shiels, H. Watkinson, A. Yates and Life in Vacant Spaces. 2022. Huritanga: 10 years of transformational place-making. Christchurch: Life in Vacant Spaces and Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities.