The Handbook of Diverse Economies goes into production

The Handbook of Diverse Economies

The Handbook of Diverse Economies has entered the production process with the editors, J.K. Gibson-Graham and Kelly Dombroski, sending the almost 300 page manuscript to the publisher Edward Elgar.

The Handbook comprises 58 chapters, organised around seven parts, Enterprise, Labour, Transactions, Property, Finance, Subjectivity and Methodology, with each part being introduced by a Framing Essay.

The editors said, "We are delighted with the Handbook, and especially with the range of topics that are covered by authors from across the globe".

The chapters have all been written by members of the Community Economies Research Network, and range from those on worker-recuperated cooperatives in Argentina and Latin America and eco-social enterprises in the Czech Republic to ones on sustaining livelihoods in Ghana, hacking and algorithmic activism, and treaty settlement finance in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  

The editors anticipate that the Handbook will be available in April 2020, in time for the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Denver, with sessions already being planned around the Handbook.