Researching Postcapitalist Possibilities, Summer/Winter School

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The Community Economies Institute announces the 2022 Summer/Winter School


Expressions of Interest are being called for (closing date, 14 March 2022)

The Summer/Winter School is for PhD students, early career researchers and others. It engages with the foundational concepts and tools that community economies scholars have been using to envision and enact postcapitalist economies. It explores connections with longer traditions that also value collectivity and interdependence.

The course will include in-depth reading of core texts (such as The End of Capitalism (As We Knew It): A Feminist Critique of Political Economy), short lectures by members of the Community Economies Institute, seminar discussions around key themes and workshops on participants’ research.

The 9-day program will run in a multi-modal way:

  • A face-to-face Summer School in Massachusetts (USA) with Katherine Gibson, Kevin St Martin and other CEI members, and limited to 12 participants (specific location TBA).
  • Smaller face-to-face groups around the world supported by CEI members (potential locations are Aotearoa New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, England and Italy).
  • Individual online participation.

The program is based around half-days variously run in mornings, afternoons and evenings. This will allow for face-to-face and online participants in different parts of the world to combine for joint sessions. There will be a rest day in the middle.

Program: 1-4 June, Foundations; 5 June, Rest Day; 6 June, Activating Theory; 7-9 June, Research Engagements

Click here for more information, including the indicative costs and a link to the Expressions of Interest form.