Enterprising New Worlds: social enterprise and the value of repair

Isaac Lyne
Anisah Madden

This chapter looks at social enterprise through a lens inspired by community economies and post-development. Without refuting that any trading enterprise must take form in one way or another, the authors look beyond essentialist models towards the embodiment of ‘social enterprising’; a term capturing various processes and intuitions that enact the social through bold economic experiments and that help multispecies communities to live well together. ‘Decolonial love’ and Buddhist teachings of ‘loving kindness’ (Mettā) are mobilized as a way of framing context in Eastern Cambodia and a University Town in Central Canada. Practices of mundane maintenance also offer an alternative to the developmental discourse premised on innovation, while a ‘reparative stance’ and attention to small narratives helps avoid undue pessimism about the significance of this mundane work.

Suggested citation

Lyne, I. and Madden, A. 2020. 'Enterprising New Worlds: social enterprise and the value of repair'. In J.K. Gibson-Graham and K. Dombroski (Eds.) The Handbook of Diverse Economies, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. pp. 74-81.