Post-capitalism now: A community economies approach

Jenny Cameron

This chapter in a book about post-capitalist futures outlines a community economies approach to post-capitalism. The chapter describes how a community economies approach to post-capitalist futures starts in the here and now with what is ‘at hand’ to build a more just and a more sustainable world and it highlights two strategies that community economies scholars and activists use to help strengthen existing post-capitalist practices. One strategy is to identify existing economic diversity and the ways it is being used for more just and sustainable economies; the second is to engage in actions to strengthen these economies.

These strategies are illustrated through examples of the work of community economies scholars in three urban settings: Christian Anderson and his research in New York City; S.M. Waliuzzaman and his research on informal settlements in Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Doina Petrescu, Constantin Petcou, Maliha Safri, and Katherine Gibson and their work in Paris.

Suggested citation

Cameron, Jenny. 2022. "Post-capitalism now: A community economies approach." In Samuel Alexander, Sangeetha Chandra-Shekeran & Brendan Gleeson (eds), Post-Capitalist Futures. UK: Palgrave (Chapter 4, pp. 41-52).