Commons & community economies: entry points to design for eco-social justice?

Bianca Elzenbaumer, Fabio Franz

Many designers today (including ourselves) are experimenting with how their practice can engage in meaningful ways with the complexity of pressing social and environmental issues. Being very much concerned with the politics and power relations that run through such issues, in this paper we will explore what points of orientation the framework of the ‘commons’ and that of ‘community economies’ – seen from an autonomist and feminist Marxist perspective – can offer when working on socially and politically engaged projects.

Suggested citation

Franz, Fabio, and Bianca Elzenbaumer. ‘Commons & Community Economies: Entry Points to Design for Eco-Social Justice?’ In Proceedings of DRS2016: Design + Research + Society - Future-Focused Thinking, edited by Peter Lloyd and Erik Bohemia, 10:4015–28, 2016.