Cooling the Commons Pilot Research Study

Abby Mellick Lopes
Louise Crabtree-Hayes
Katherine Gibson
Helen Armstrong
Cooling the Commons pilot report front cover

This pilot study provides initial insights into how residents living in Western Sydney keep cool during the hottest parts of the year and how they would like to see their living environments, at home and out and about, modified to improve wellbeing in a climate changing world. The research responds to the lack of qualitative information about: day to day living practices in outer suburban Sydney; the constraints people experience when trying to keep cool; and, people’s aspirations for more comfortable living environments. The pilot study introduces the concept of the ‘cool commons’ to identify those spaces that offer cooler temperatures than surrounding areas and that are used by, and are accessible to, a community of commoners who to some degree, care for, take responsibility for, and benefit from this coolness.

Suggested citation

Mellick Lopes, A., Gibson, K., Crabtree, L., Armstrong, H. 2016. Cooling the Commons Pilot

Research Report. Sydney: Western Sydney University.