Impact Evaluation Report: Mutual Support Group 2014-2018

Alison Guzman
Ignacio Krell
Mapuche Community Economy Meeting

After five years of the consolidation, Mutual Support-Rekülüwun can be seen as part of a repertoire of creative responses by Mapuche families to the monetization of their rural economies in southern Chile, which has accelerated notoriously in the last decade. The project was set out in 2012 by the Mapuche-Lafkenche community of Llaguepulli and MAPLE, to create a member-owned institution while abiding to an indigenous cultural context and community protocols. 

Commissioned by Mapuche traditional authorities, Alison Guzman and Ignacio Krell, co-founders of the MAPLE Chile program and co-designers and advisers to Apoyo Mutuo Llaguepulli in the field since 2013, conducted in early 2019, an evaluation on the multidimensional impact of the Mutual Support-Rekülüwun. A community-led framework of Sixteen Strategic Directions elaborated in 2014 by Apoyo Mutuo’s management team, and validated by the project’s Council of Traditional Authorities, helped MAPLE Chile build the research based on priorities self-determined by the community.