Multi-Media Resources for Communities

The Community Economies Institute YouTube Channel has a variety of resources for community use. These include:

  • It's in our hands, a short two-part documentary that shows how the Diverse Economies Framework and Asset Based Community Development can be used to work with local residents to build community enterprises. It is based on the Shifting Focus resource kit. The documentary features the fringe Brisbane suburb of Eagleby, and the Latrobe Valley in Victoria. Click here for Part One. Click here for Part Two.  
  • Alternative Currencies: A True Story. This draft of a documentary featuring interviews with three experts in alternative currencies: Bernard Lietaer, author of The Future of Money and longtime proponent of complementary currencies, Edgar Cahn, founder of Timebanks USA, and Paul Glover, founder of Ithaca Hours. Produced by the Community Economies Research Group in Western MA.  
  • An animation about just and sustainable manufacturing.  

Community Economies Introduction


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