Schools and Retreats



In 2023, the second multi-nodal Summer/Winter School Researching Postcapitalist Politics will be held from 20 to 29 June in four nodes: face-to-face in Aotearoa New Zealand, Norway and the US; and online (in Central European Time). Currently, there is a waitlist for all these nodes.  For more information, email school at communityeconomies dot org.


In 2022, we held the first multi-nodal Summer/Winter School, with three face-to-face schools (in Aotearoa New Zealand, Italy and the US) and two online schools (in Australian and European time zones). The theme was Researching Postcapitalist Politics and the school ran from 1 to 9 June. 

2022 CEI Summer/Winter School

To find out more about what happened there are recordings from the LIVIANA conference (in November 2022 and five months after the School) on:

It's also worth reading the blog by one of the Australian online participants.

CEI Summer/Winter School AU Online

The planned 2020 Summer School on the theme of Methods for a Postcapitalist Politics was cancelled because of COVID.


In 2019, the Community Economies Institute held its first Summer School, Postcapitalist Politics in Practice, 1 to 6 June, in Bolsena (Italy).

CEI 2020 Summer School



In 2023, the Community Economies Institute will be holding its first Practice Retreat, Community Economies in Action. It will be held 12-19 July 2023, in the Italian Alps (in Rovereto, Vallagarina Valley, Italy).