Lindsay Naylor

Associate Professor
Geography & Spatial Sciences
University of Delaware
Newark, DE, USA


PhD, Geography, University of Oregon
MA, International Development, American University
BA, Political Science, Western Washington University

Research Interests

I am trained as a scholar of international economic development and human geography. In my research I use food and agricultural production as a lens to examine power relations and resistance as they relate to capitalist-driven economic development. My research is motivated by a desire to understand the geopolitics of food systems—at sites from the global to the body—and to produce research relevant to improving the equity and sustainability of such systems. As part of this work I examine how people use food and/or agricultural production as a means to resist and what forms this resistance takes–from mundane everyday acts and knowledge exchange to active protest and civil disobedience. I am primarily interested in investigating the multi-sited ‘geo’ of geopolitics and examining how it is written across space, place, and bodies. I draw from frameworks in critical and feminist geopolitics, political ecology, decolonial philosophy, and diverse economies to ground action-oriented research.

Contact Information

Lindsay Naylor
Associate Professor & Graduate Director
Department of Geography & Spatial Sciences
University of Delaware
216 Pearson Hall
Newark, DE 19716