Promoting Ethical Investments

Ethical action: Investing in mainstream financial institutions that use ethical investment

Many people in the minority world have superannuation funds in preparation for retirement. Many mutual funds and investment brokers are adding the option to invest in funds that adhere to social and environmental principles.

Triodos Bank in the Netherlands started operating with the express purpose of supporting projects and businesses that were working for a sustainable future. With a policy of total transparency Triodos invested in 361 climate and energy projects which generated enough renewable energy to meet the needs of 1.5 million households in 2011.

The Calvert Fund in the US is a mainstream investment management company that since 1982 helps investors put their money into companies acting in socially and environmentally sustainable ways. A 2010 US report showed US$3.07 trillion is invested in socially responsible funds with this type of investment growing faster than mainstream investments.